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At Times, It is Unexpected! Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

Though we have helped thousands of our patients and made them happy after the surgery, sometimes we do have to face the opposite! We have a latest survey that tells us that 20% of the cosmetic surgeries happening across the globe fail due to unexpected circumstances. One simple question that pops in our mind is: …

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How to Get the Best Plastic Surgeon?

When you decide to undergo any plastic surgery, be it for medical or cosmetic reasons, it is a very personal decision. Choosing a doctor is the next step, when you want to get your treatment started. You have to make sure that your doctor is well qualified, and you should thoroughly check his credentials before …

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Few FAQs To Know Before Going For Plastic Surgery

Are you thinking of Plastic Surgery? Well, before saying yes you need to be very sure of it. We have brought some questions for you; these will help you to give the right answer for Plastic Surgery and after that. Check them out. What is inspiring you for Plastic Surgery? Ask yourself whether you have …

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