Platelet Rich Plasma or Vampire Facial

Nature’s Own Healer Will Repair Your Complexion

Even in dim lighting, it’s difficult to ignore the fact that your complexion has lost that youthful glow. Sunspots, discoloration, tiny lines, acne . . . Decades of active life will take their toll. Maybe it’s time for a facelift?

But which type of facelift? Perhaps you’ve heard the term vampire? What exactly is it?

Well, it’s not dangerous, for one thing. In fact, it may be the kindest way to treat your face.

Vampire– or PRP– is serious cosmetic therapy. The same technology that’s used for post-op healing and sports medicine is now available to patients looking to improve their skin tone. But that’s just the beginning of the gentle news. PRP is also minimally invasive (i.e., non-surgical), cost-effective, and safe.

Psst, PRP! Where’s the Vampire?

The process is called PRP for Platelet Rich Plasma, or vampire facelift because it uses blood cells taken from your own body, which contain growth factors. These are proteins that stimulate the production of collagen (the main component of connective tissue) as well as new blood vessels to feed the skin.

Platelet Rich PlasmaDuring this procedure, trained technicians inject PRP (which has been extracted from your own blood) into the area of your skin that needs rejuvenation. As a facelift technique, PRP has been shown to be effective on the following problem areas:

• laugh lines around the eyes
• grooves or folds between the corners of the nose and the mouth
• puckered or withered lips
• acne scars
• forehead or neck wrinkles
• dark circles under the eyes
• bags under the eyes
• loose skin anywhere on the face or neck

Short Therapy; Long Improvement

The treatment takes place in our clinic. Sessions may be repeated as many as six times. Your appearance will continue to improve for up to six weeks and the results are long-lasting.

Because PRP therapy uses the patient’s own blood, it is safer than most other procedures.

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