The New Double Chin Removal Treatment

In 2016 we seen a rise a popularity of a new double chin removal procedure that is showing major promise in terms of both cosmetic results, but patient safety as well.

The procedure is called Kybella and it is currently the only non-surgical solution to submental fat reduction. By injecting a synthetic fat breakdown molecule into the fat beneath the chin, cosmetic surgeons are able to provide permanent results to patients’ unwanted double chins.

How does Kybella work?

Kybella double chin removal Kybella is an injection of synthetic deoxycholic acid, the molecule responsible for fat breakdown in our bodies, directly into the submental fat.

The injection stimulates the breakdown of the unwanted fat beneath the patient’s chin. The fat is permanently eliminated from the body in 1-2 Kybella treatments.

Is Kybella Safe?

Kybella is FDA approved as a safe and effective double chin removal solution. By mimicking the body’s natural fat breakdown molecules, Kybella minimizes the potential for harmful side-effects. As a minimally invasive procedure, Kybella also presents a much safer alternative to traditional chin liposuction that has been used for years.

A simple injection is all that is required for patients to experience the fat reduction effects of this procedure, thus, Kybella offers no recovery time or permanent scarring.

Clinical research supporting Kybella’s double chin removal application

Though this procedure has only been FDA approved for little more than a year and a half (April 29, 2015), it has already received a number of successful clinical evaluations. Over 20 clinical studies have shown definitive links between the fat loss effects of Kybella and double chin reduction.


Thousands of patients have experienced permanent double chin removal from Kybella since its inception. This is in line with the FDA’s evaluation and the conclusive findings in the clinical research that has been conducted for this procedure.

The Procedure

Patients who choose to undergo Kybella for double chin removal, will be given the choice to receive a local anesthetic, a topical numbing agent or neither form of pain relief. Once the patient is set and comfortable to begin the procedure, the aesthetics specialist will proceed to insert a series of injections that can vary between 20 and 35 injections of the synthetic deoxycholic acid into the treatment area. The number of injections will vary depending upon the size of the treatment area. Injections will sting upon entry and may leave patients with a burning sensation that can last up to 10 minutes.

Patients may experience discomfort at this time, however, the discomfort often subsides as the procedure continues.

After the procedure, patients may experience residual numbness, bruising and swelling for up to 10 days. Once the effects of the injections have subsided, patients should be left with noticeable results in around 4 weeks after the Kybella application.

Where does Kybella align with other double chin removal procedures?

Kybella bridges a necessary gap between serious chin liposuction surgeries and the non fat reducing procedure of skin tightening. By injecting a chemical fat breakdown agent, Kybella is able to provide complete fat loss without permanent scarring or the risks associated with invasive surgeries in a very compact and vulnerable area of the body.

Skin tightening procedures, like Ultherapy, are best used in conjunction with Kybella double chin removal therapy to reshape the elastin in the excess skin left from fat loss.


CoolSculpting Is The Answer To Permanent Fat Reduction

CoolSculpting, the only FDA cleared non-surgical fat reduction procedure to utilize controlled cooling, is now solidifying itself as the world’s number one procedure for fat reduction. Dr. Trini Vega of the Biotech Wellness Center, an Aventura MedSpa, swears by this procedure for his South Florida patients,

“Finally my patients have a pain-free, non-surgical solution to their weight loss needs. Providing patients with fat loss solutions had become increasingly difficult as more and more genetic, lifestyle and hormonal issues arose to cause stubborn fat build-up. Patients have flocked to my clinic from Miami to Los Angeles for CoolSculpting Aventura locals can attest to. So much of the intrigue in this procedure is the confidence that I have in my ability to eliminate even the most stubborn of fat because of this technology.” – Trini Vega

coolsculpting before after pictures

Prior to this procedure’s conception in 2009, doctors could only recommend a healthy diet and exercise regimen for holistic fat loss. Now, modern MedSpas are able to bypass slow acting and ineffective diets and exercise routines and provide a permanent solution to fat loss that has proven itself to be more than just a trend. CoolSculpting showcases an impressive 95% success rate on over 3 million patients.

The Science Behind CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting, or cryolipolysis, is a fat reduction procedure that utilizes a cooling technique to freeze away fat cells. Through a cooling applicator, cosmetic surgeons are able to limit the freezing effects to a controlled area and focus solely on stubborn fat.

The inventors of CoolSculpting – Harvard scientists, Dieter Manstein, MD and R. Rox Anderson, MD – actually derived the concept from observing the effects of popsicles on children’s cheeks. They found that a targeted cooling effect on the adipose tissue could eliminate fat cells permanently without damaging the skin or underlying tissue.

Once the fat cells have been frozen, or crystallized, the dead cells will then pass through the lymphatic system by way of the body’s natural regulatory process. This process of killing off fat cells is referred to as apoptosis, which is a safe, controlled and natural cell death.

CoolSculpting In Aventura By The Numbers

As more South Florida wellness clinics begin to offer CoolSculpting, patient awareness will continue to be at the forefront for both doctors and their potential clients.

1 – CoolSculpting is the #1 non-surgical fat reduction procedure in the world.

1 – CoolSculpting is the only non-surgical fat reduction therapy that utilizes a cooling technology to be cleared by the FDA

1-3 hours – This is the approximate time of a standard CoolSculpting procedure

0 downtime – Patients are able to resume regular activities immediately following a CoolSculpting procedure

3 million+ – The number of patients that have received the slimming effects of a CoolSculpting procedure

95 – the percentage of patients that experience lasting fat loss from CoolSculpting

A One Of A Kind Fat Reduction Experience

The reason this modern body sculpting breakthrough has become the leading procedure for fat reduction is because it offers a unique combination of quality and convenience. Patients have the ability to receive controlled and precisely targeted fat loss treatment for desired body parts, with virtually no health risks.

CoolSculpting is non-invasive and truly pain free. The most discomfort a patient will feel is a numb or cool feeling around the targeted area. Not only is this procedure safer and more comfortable for patients, but it is extremely convenient, especially for those with a busy schedule.

No sedation or pain medication is necessary for a CoolSculpting appointment, thus patients are able to drive home immediately after the operation. Patients are even allowed to multi-task during the appointment.

What To Expect

Those looking to pursue the body contouring effects of CoolSculpting will want to schedule a consultation with their local weight loss specialist to discuss how to best achieve an ideal weight and body image.

At Your Appointment

An aesthetics tech will begin the procedure by applying a gel to the target area. Your aesthetics specialist will then begin the cooling process with a CoolSculpting applicator.

Depending upon the size of the area and the depth of the fat being targeted, the applicator will be applied for around an hour. Because the operation is non-invasive, patients are encouraged to relax, take a nap, check email or read a book during this cooling period.

After Your Appointment

Once the procedure has ended, patients should experience little to no discomfort and can resume their day as normal. Patients will begin to see results after a few weeks. As CoolSculpting works to effectively kill off fat cells permanently, the results should be permanent (as seen in this study), but will not prevent future fat gain due to poor diet and lack of exercise.

Diagnosing a Child’s Foot Pain

Diagnosing a Child’s Foot Pain

It’s always disturbing to a parent when a child complains of unexplained foot pain. One common condition we see at our clinic is called calcaneal apophysitis— or the more easily pronounceable Sever’s disease.

While this is not a true disease for child’s foot pain, it is very uncomfortable and upsetting for a child, not to mention his concerned parent, who may wonder if there is something seriously wrong.

Sever’s occurs when new bone is forming at the growth plate, or apophysis, which is a weak area situated at the back of the heel. As the Achilles tendon, the strongest that attaches to the growth plate, pulls on the apophysis, it causes microtrauma and inflammation.

Children between 8 and 14 years old, whose heel bone (calcaneus) is not fully developed, can experience repetitive pounding in this area, especially if they are involved in certain sports. The stress causes inflammation, which can result in fairly intense pain and can persist for months.

Sports and Sore Feet as Cause of Child’s Foot Pain

Sever’s can affect one or both feet. It is quite common, although we see more boys than girls with this problem. After the age of 14, when the heel bone has finished growing, it usually disappears. In the meantime, it’s a relief for parents and children just to understand what’s happening.

Diagnosing a Child’s Foot PainUnlike adult foot pain, such as that caused by plantar fasciitis, Sever’s doesn’t feel better when the patient « walks it off. » In fact, walking exacerbates the problem.

One major reason that Sever’s increasingly is seen in girls is their increasing participation in sports. Track, soccer, basketball and other activities that involve running on a hard surface can all cause Sever’s.

Obesity, tight Achilles tendons or foot physiology— such as flat feet or high arches— may also contribute to foot pain.

Behavioral Changes

A child suffering from Sever’s may complain of pain in the back or bottom of the heel. He or she may start to limp, especially after practice or competition. You may spot him or her tip-toeing around the house. If you squeeze the sides of the heel, he or she may report increased pain. Or you may find that your formerly gung-ho student has suddenly become reluctant to run, jump or participate in her favorite sport or activity.

These are all signs of Sever’s.

We can confirm the diagnosis with a thorough exam, noting the child’s medical history, and asking about their usual activities. X-rays and sometimes other imaging studies can be useful.

Heel Pain Treatment Options Exist

Therapy for Sever’s is fairly straight-forward. We usually advise the parents to have the child take some time away from the activity that is causing the problem. He or she could take up swimming bicycling for a while, or another activity that doesn’t require a great deal of running.

Diagnosing a Child’s Foot PainWe may prescribe special shoe inserts or orthotic devices to help support the heel. Cleats are not recommended, as they tend to have little cushioning.

Medications such as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) can be used to relieve pain.

Stretching or physical therapy modalities— such as icing the heel— can be helpful. Elevating the foot may also bring some relief.

In severe cases, we may apply a cast to keep the child off his or her feet until the inflammation has healed.

To prevent a recurrence, encourage your child to stretch before his or her activity, which will help relax the muscles and Achilles tendon. Help him or her choose a sport that doesn’t involve excessive running on hard surfaces. And make sure he or she is fitted with shoes that give good support and a shock-absorbing sole.

If the pain returns after being successfully treated, it could be due to a different problem. It’s always wise to consult a doctor where your child’s health is concerned because growing bones are vulnerable in ways that adult bones are not.

Plantar Fasciitis

Heel Pain That Won’t Quit

Heel pain can creep on you and then suddenly it’s a major issue. You may notice it in the morning when you first rest your weight on the floor, or after you’ve been on your feet for a long time— working or jogging, for instance. What starts out as a minor issue, however, can turn ugly when it persists for months.

Plantar fasciitisplantar fasciitis illustration, pronounced plant-ar fashee-itis, is one common cause of heel pain.

About one in ten Americans have this disorder. It happens when the ligament that supports the arch in your foot is strained. The pain lets up somewhat when you start moving around because walking helps to stretch the ligament. But in most cases, the pain gets worse as the day goes on.

Originally it was thought that plantar fasciitis was caused by inflammation, but now it’s believed to be a degenerative process— which is why it’s more common in middle-aged people than the young. Plantar fasciitis can be a real challenge.

Some of my patients report they’ve changed their work-out routine and basically stopped walking, to no avail.

It helps to customize the treatment approach. We’ve found that treatments vary in effectiveness from one patient to another. This is because everyone’s feet are unique— one may have flat feet, while another has a high arch— depending on anatomy and what those feet have to endure.

Your doctor can usually diagnose the problem with a physical exam and asking about your history and lifestyle. Sometimes an x-ray will be ordered, to see if a bone spur is forming on the heel— although bone spurs are not usually the source of the pain.

Plantar Fasciitis Therapy to Begin the Healing Process

There are a handful of conservative heel pain treatments . Besides the pain relievers, rest and ice packs, we sometimes tape the foot to support the ligament. A special splint can be worn at night to stretch the calf muscles and relieve tension on the ligament. Cortisone injections may provide temporary relief. Radiofrequency waves are also used to interrupt nerve signals and relieve pain.

It’s important to choose your footwear carefully. You need shoes with good arch support, with heels no higher than one inch. If you can feel the pavement through the soles of your shoes, the shoes are not providing enough support. Avoid going barefoot.

heel pain exersice

Treatment for Plantar Fasciitis

You may also have to adjust your activities, switching to bicycling or swimming, for instance, instead of running, golf, or other sports that put stress on your feet. Any activity that involves pounding on hard pavement should be avoided.

Specific exercises may help. Researchers in Scandinavia had patients stand in their bare feet on a stair or a box with a rolled-up towel beneath the toes of the sore foot and the heel hanging over the edge of the stair or box.

Then the patients slowly raised and lowered the sore heel. When the patients could do this exercise twelve times without pain, they saddled themselves with on backpacks full of books to add weight. After performing these exercises eight to twelve times every other day, the patients reported significant improvement.

Torn Meniscus as Part of Aging Process

Knee injury torn meniscusArthritis has been plaguing humans since 3000 BC. Ötzi, the 5,000-year-old iceman discovered a few years back in the Alps, had evidence of arthritis.

Arthritis can affect almost any joint but one of its favorite targets is the knees, those humble hinges that allow us to walk, swing, pivot, jump, kneel, and ride a bike.

Arthritis and aching knees are a major culprit in preventing people from engaging in activities they love. If you are a knee patient, you know it first-hand.

One week you’re bicycling around town, walking the dog three times a day, playing 18 holes twice a week . . . and the week day you’re limping like Grandma or Grandpa Moses.

Meniscus Tear And Aging

So what’s going on in there? If you have pain or stiffness, or have trouble straightening your leg, you may have a torn meniscus. The meniscus (menisci is the plural) is a thick band of fibrocartilage that cradles the tibia and femur (leg bones). It also distributes your weight so those bones don’t bear all the weight. Menisci are composed mainly of collagen, which shrinks and dries out as we age. This process makes the meniscus susceptible to tearing.

Meniscal tears can happen even when you’re not involved in a strenuous activity. Sudden trauma— say, a minor fall causes you to twist your knee, or just lifting something heavy (« My grandson came to visit and you wouldn’t believe how he’s grown . . . ») can result in a torn meniscus.

If this sounds familiar, we suggest you call our clinic for an appointment. The doctor will examine you, and manipulate your leg in certain ways. He’ll ask questions:

What were you doing when you noticed the pain? Do you have pain at night when you roll over in your sleep?

The physical exam can give the doctor a good indication of the location and type of damage.

knee torn meniscus evaluationTo confirm the diagnosis, your doctor may order an ultrasound exam or an MRI. (X-rays don’t show soft tissue, so they wouldn’t be useful with this type of injury.)

Doctor may also insert a tiny camera into an incision in your knee, in a procedure called arthroscopy. (There’s also surgical arthroscopy, which is microsurgery using the same tools.)

If the diagnosis shows a torn meniscus, it may respond to conservative therapy such as rest, adjusting your activities (skip the 18 holes for a while), icing the knee, and anti-inflammatory medication. Some patients are candidates for cortisone injections. Physical therapy is often helpful, to show you how to avoid re-injury, and to prescribe exercises to strengthen your leg muscles.

If these treatments don’t do the job, surgery is another option. Repairing or replacing meniscus is a common procedure that has a good success rate. Arthroscopy is a less-invasive procedure for partial menisectomy (removal of the damaged tissue).

If you and your doctor decide that surgery is the right choice for you, you will also be given a rehab program. This consists of exercises and advice to help you avoid future injury while staying active.

Learn About Laser Toenail Fungus Treatment

Laser toe nail fungus treatment is really a contemporary method which is designed in order to remedy uncomfortable toe nail fungus. Laser treatment is actually extremely expensive treatment , however if you prefer a magic pill, then you can certainly try it out.

Regrettably there are lots of uncertainties as well as uncertain statements becoming created concerning the nail fungus laser treatment. If you’re spending so much time looking for the very best remedy, after that this short article is really a much better supply of info in regards to the laser beam toe nail fungus treatment.

How  Laser Toenail Fungus Treatment Works?

The actual laser toenail fungus treatment functions emitting a particular wavelength associated with gentle with the contaminated toe nail. The actual laser light permeates with the toe nail dish and also the nail in order to eliminate the actual fungus existing underneath the toe nail. The actual laser light eliminates the actual fungus whilst departing the actual toe nail as well as encircling pores and skin un-damaged.

Cutera Genesis Plus, laser for toe nail fungus treatment

Cutera | Genesis Plus Laser

Just how long may toe nail fungus laser treatment consider?

The actual length of the laser beam depends upon the actual intensity associated with toe nail an infection. You are able to usually send your physician with regard to info concerning the laser therapy. The actual sufferers going through laser treatment generally need just one program for that removal associated with toe nail fungus.

Exactly how unpleasant may be the Laser beam Toe nail fungus Remedy?

Laser treatment with regard to toe nail fungus offers simply no impact about the encircling wholesome pores and skin cells as well as there isn’t any discomfort. The actual research carried out to date display absolutely no horrible side-effects, disadvantageous responses, discomfort or even additional lean meats difficulties through getting the actual laser beam toe nail fungus remedy.

The actual laser beam toe nail fungus treatment could be used through anyone no matter how old they are or even wellness. It’ll a minimum of consider a few months for that toe nail in the future away wholesome. It might take around 6 in order to 9 several weeks for that total development of the wholesome toe nail.

Platelet Rich Plasma or Vampire Facial

Nature’s Own Healer Will Repair Your Complexion

Even in dim lighting, it’s difficult to ignore the fact that your complexion has lost that youthful glow. Sunspots, discoloration, tiny lines, acne . . . Decades of active life will take their toll. Maybe it’s time for a facelift?

But which type of facelift? Perhaps you’ve heard the term vampire? What exactly is it?

Well, it’s not dangerous, for one thing. In fact, it may be the kindest way to treat your face.

Vampire– or PRP– is serious cosmetic therapy. The same technology that’s used for post-op healing and sports medicine is now available to patients looking to improve their skin tone. But that’s just the beginning of the gentle news. PRP is also minimally invasive (i.e., non-surgical), cost-effective, and safe.

Psst, PRP! Where’s the Vampire?

The process is called PRP for Platelet Rich Plasma, or vampire facelift because it uses blood cells taken from your own body, which contain growth factors. These are proteins that stimulate the production of collagen (the main component of connective tissue) as well as new blood vessels to feed the skin.

Platelet Rich PlasmaDuring this procedure, trained technicians inject PRP (which has been extracted from your own blood) into the area of your skin that needs rejuvenation. As a facelift technique, PRP has been shown to be effective on the following problem areas:

• laugh lines around the eyes
• grooves or folds between the corners of the nose and the mouth
• puckered or withered lips
• acne scars
• forehead or neck wrinkles
• dark circles under the eyes
• bags under the eyes
• loose skin anywhere on the face or neck

Short Therapy; Long Improvement

The treatment takes place in our clinic. Sessions may be repeated as many as six times. Your appearance will continue to improve for up to six weeks and the results are long-lasting.

Because PRP therapy uses the patient’s own blood, it is safer than most other procedures.

To learn more about PRP/ vampire facelifts, visit

The countless great things about Laser Toenail Fungus Treatment

Toe nail infection commences together with small irritability and also swiftly exacerbates, rendering it challenging to be able to use shoes or boots and also socks and also wander appropriately.

It is strongly recommended which you use available toed shoes or boots; nonetheless it will be uncomfortable to own yellowish, flaky toe nail about exhibit. The particular infection will be challenging to take care of and also inside situations regarding strong established contamination usually takes up to be able to cure. With these kinds of instances laser skin treatment may seem like an excellent alternative, yet can it actually perform?

Laser and Infection

Laser light continues to be used inside history to take care of ailments linked to a person’s eye. Nonetheless it is currently used to take care of toe nail infection at the same time. The particular afflicted toenail location will be confronted with certain laser light cross-bow supports which usually cause remission regarding infection simply by vaporization.

Toenail Infection Treatment with laser light always performed by specialist podiatrists and also targeted simply around the tissues afflicted with the particular infection. Normally the task will take simply around 20 moments every toenail, with regards to the seriousness regarding problem. Nonetheless if you have multiple contamination being taken care of next it could take more time.
There is certainly bare minimum right after attention no hospitalization, it is possible to continue to all or any our own earlier beauty treatments regarding portray claws and in addition sporting sealed shoes or boots immediately after.
Just how productive could be the therapy

laser nail fungus therapy

Laser nail fungus therapy at Infinity Foot & Ankle | Dallas

Laser toenail fungus treatment provides have scored profitable fee greater than ninety days pct. Laser skin treatment regarding toenail infection continues to be advised simply by medical doctors throughout the world. You can find simply no odds of recurrence or perhaps distributed regarding contamination following your laser skin treatment continues to be done because the complete infection will be damaged through the therapy.
One of the most hassle-free characteristic with the laser skin treatment will be that there are simply no dependence on mouth anti-fungal or perhaps topical cream salve. The task manages the problem together with moments and also makes certain there’s no possibility for almost any relapse. The particular toenail infection therapy simply by laser light will be simple and also quick.

Why don’t we examine laser skin treatment for the some other present treatment options regarding toe nail infection
Some other treatments contain the removal of complete afflicted location and also enabling a fresh toenail to cultivate again. Naturally, this action is incredibly agonizing and also tensions out there the sufferer. The particular uncovered nail bed right after removing regarding toe nail will become a” impaired wound” and also damages each and every time an individual lump or perhaps  contrary to the flooring or perhaps although you may use the shoes or boots too quickly. Around locations which can be not necessarily afflicted also may need to experience for this reason. Nonetheless laser skin treatment manages this all and also permits quick restoration.

As stated just before with regards to the seriousness with the problem will take number of years being taken care of entirely. Regrettably, despite having topical cream products and also mouth anti candida treatment there’s no ensure the infection is not going to keep coming back. Laser skin treatment makes certain each infection mobile will be damaged and also results in simply no possibility to get a relapse.
Last but not least, the fee. The particular laser skin treatment can expense far more compared to the some other alternative and may even expense in the handful of hundred or so money. Nonetheless it will probably be worth each nickle due to its utter ease and also style.
Laser skin treatment provides swapped out age group outdated and also old fashioned treatment options regarding toe nail infection attention. It really is getting inside reputation each day which is well worth every one of the gratitude that receives!
Ugly and also uncomfortable toenail infection can today become removed in mere a single Toenail Infection Treatment in Oakland.

Toe nail Fungus Treatment With Laser

Those who have taken upon a toenail fungus treatment will certainly testify to just how long, slow a process it may be. Which because the fungus that creates this problem tend to be notoriously tricky to get rid of.

toenail-fungusThey bloom in damp and darkish conditions, as most people put on close fitting shoes as well as socks every day, whenever we contract these fungus, its not so difficult to understand the reason why it would be hard to shake them away.

You may be amazed to understand, still that a main element in creating a fungal nail contamination is the existence of the additional fungal feet infection, namely sports athletes foot. In case you have experienced toenail trauma by any means, state due to terribly fitting boots, then your infection propagates in to the broken nail much simpler than right into a healthy one. Other ways associated with contracting the condition tend to be things like jogging infected areas — at the local pool or gym altering room like and even sharing a hand towel with a family member that is contaminated.

The standard remedy for toenail fungus infection in may be to apply one of the numerous otc treatments available. Conventional ‘old wives’ remedies will also be in plethora through such unlikely sources because vinegar, bleach as well as mouthwash. Still many of these might take quite a long time to operate, if, and today and again the process can do much more harm than the condition.

Which has all transformed lately, however, because of an innovative brand new therapy using a hi-strength laserlight. The therapy is incredibly simple is effective within nearly 90% of conditions with a total remedy being attained in just one sitting down. The treatment includes applying a specific beam of laser gentle to the nail inside a matrix pattern — in actuality, the procedure covers the whole nail. The actual lazer absolutely eradicates chlamydia and enables the actual nail to grow in without likelihood of infection. Though it sounds really involved, therapy session typically just requires around one hour and requires only a single trip to the middle.

When comparing the cost of the treatment to the a few months, or even many years of shopping for remedies and ointments, additionally it is an amazingly cost efficient therapy.

Without  a doubt, laser nail fungus treatment is the single greatest and pain and ache free toenail fungus treatment now available.

Toenail Fungus Treatment with Laser Before and After Photo

Toenail Fungus Treatment with Laser Before and After Photo

Since the process gains within popularity, so there are lots of clinics opening offering it in order to sufferers of fungal toenail infections. Still there may be dramatic cost differences according to where you are and also the skill and connection with the specialist. Although its attractive to shop around for that cheapest price, in the end we do just like a bargain, the also important to look at the skills and registration information on the practitioner due to the fact that this is a surgical procedure. Always make sure that they are authorized to perform the process and that their own equipment is certified as well as well maintained. A few due diligence is it takes to obtain a successful end result that will last a long time otherwise indefinitely.

At Times, It is Unexpected! Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

Though we have helped thousands of our patients and made them happy after the surgery, sometimes we do have to face the opposite! We have a latest survey that tells us that 20% of the cosmetic surgeries happening across the globe fail due to unexpected circumstances.

One simple question that pops in our mind is: how?

Well, many celebrities and models have uploaded their picture of wrong implantation, and of bad lips that doesn’t suit the face now. Here, is one picture for you:

Plastic Surgery Gone Bad

Plastic Surgery Gone Bad

Yes, when an inexperienced or amateurish doctor performs any every surgery, be it a simple Botox, there are maximum chances of going wrong. However, the fault does not always lies with the doctor or his/her associate. Patient too can go wrong and face unexpected situations due to incomplete homework of the treatment or just a bad day.

Let us see few causes of such state as accounted in one of the latest survey named: Plastic Surgery Going Wrong!

  • Either size of the shape not coming out as close to the expectation, be it the nose, breast, tummy or lips.
  • Though anticipated time of recovery was shorter, but it looks quite long and the result was displeasure.
  • Improper breast enlargement makes making the patient uncomfortable in feel and in look.

Recently, Botox, breast augmentation and facelifts were the popular procedures that failed in majority. Whatever may be the cause, the patient is at risk and left with unhappiness after the botched procedure.

How to gain satisfaction with the results?

Breast Surgery

Breast Surgery

Facelift Before and After

Facelift Before and After

We have always focused on satisfaction of the patients, therefore we are now known for reputation. I am posting some points for you; remember them before going for any kind of cosmetic surgery.

ü  Homework, Homework and only Homework:  About 70% of patients surveyed stated that they failed with the surgery because of having insufficient information. You need to check that the doctor is having his certifications from ABPS- American Board of Plastic Surgery. This will ensure that the plastic surgeon is skilled and has right experience in his forte.

The surgeon should also be allied with a reputed hospital, where he has a proper record of the work. Besides doctors, there are many independent bodies similar to ABPS that have positive reviews. Go for them!

ü  Interview with the surgeon: Never be scared of the doctor as he is working for the patients. Feel free to ask any questions, clear your doubts regarding risks and ask for the benefits. Also, you need to disclose your medical history and present condition/ongoing medications with the doctor. Interaction with the doctor is a good thing to build a long and strong relationship. Asking questions can only be done before the procedure, and not after.

If you need a long term relation, then you should be visiting the clinic frequently.

Furthermore, a successful operation like that of breast augmentation does not end with the surgery, there is much more after that.

Doctor Visiting Patient at Home

Doctor Visiting Patient at Home

A professional surgeon doesn’t stop the treatment after surgery; he looks into the case till the patient becomes satisfied. The entire procedure should include proper medications and remedial process.

ü  No compromise on quality: While selecting a clinic, you should compare the features of various doctors; however you should not compromise on quality when it comes to price. If you have shortlisted one or couple of qualified doctors, then you can determine the decision with respect to the fees.

Well, as all these activities are for your health and you should never lose on it as health will build up your confidence. Never go wrong in selecting a good surgeon, after all this is a hundred dollar transaction folks!

The glamorous world is al under plastic surgeries as they have become safe and reasonable. But, make sure you complete your homework before consulting the doctor.

If you have any queries, feel free to contact us anytime.

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